Solo Exhibition 'Kaleidoscope Dancer's @ The Wedge Gallery, Sydney Town Hall

Marisa Mu’s first solo exhibition of 2019 ‘Kaleidoscope Dancer’s’ officially opened to the public eye on Thursday 31st January at Wedge Gallery, Sydney Town Hall.  Loyal followers and avid art lovers made their support and presence known on opening night.


 ‘Kaleidoscope Dancer’s’ is a series of original artworks encapsulating the poetic wonder found within the simple notion of dancing freely. Dancing is an art form and language for self-expression through the movement of our body and limbs. This collection of paintings by Marisa was an exploration into the power of therapy through art; the final outcome being a deeper understanding of herself and the domino-effect of creating visually stimulating and purposeful work.


Marisa’s personal mission statement is to spark joy and positive change within people through her art and good intentions. ‘Kaleidoscope Dancer’s’ is the first show Marisa has produced where she has never felt prouder of the heart and soul it embodies.


Big love to everyone who made their support and interest in the show known,

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Marisa Mu