When it’s a scorching afternoon and you’ve found yourself drenched in sweat as you march on to meet up with someone - you’d want it to be worth it. And boy — was it worth it.

 Have you ever met someone and find your mood lift considerably because every sentence they uttered - every gesture they made — just reassured you that this person was the epitome of ‘legend’? That as every minute passed with this person - an energy enveloped you both and you would find yourselves laughing in shock as you realised how wonderful they were? And you couldn’t believe they thought the same about you? Yep, to be high off someone’s aura is probably one of the sweetest highs.

 This someone that blew me away with her character, thoughts, raw talent and beauty is the one and only Simone Taylor.

Sim is the creative powerhouse and self proclaimed romantic behind the independent publication ASTROPHE Magazine ( ). We had been trying to co-ordinate a time and place to shoot and connect over the past year and we finally made it happen. This shoot we did together was about embodying the essence of my personal style and portraying me in the light in which I am - naked and colourful.

I believe in the energies and forces of the universe and can’t be more grateful for this summer’s afternoon spent with Sim. It was serendipitous to say the least - the most ultimate of simple pleasures — stimulating conversation with a side of self-induced highs.

 The honest conversations we shared and creative ideas flamed the fire that was burning within us and the energy was incredible. I seek inspiration and wonder in everything and anything and to find a creative soul such as Sim is a true delight.

 Simone works predominantly with film cameras and as I turned every page on the first issue of ASTROPHE Magazine - there were no words I could articulate to express what I saw — just feelings. Deep feelings of admiration, respect and love - parts of Sim and her love for film is felt on every page. Every single one of her photos featured throughout the magazine has been left unedited and untouched. This is a testament to the confidence Simone posesses as a person and creative.

As creative people - our work is a reflection of who we are. The constant struggles for perfection in our work and ourselves is our life’s mission. No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.


I invest so much of my own character into my creative practice and every bag I make and every painting I do - enacts as a narrative of who I am - and the narration and value continues to build and grow as it moves on to it’s new forever home and onwards. Spirit helps those who help themselves, if you don’t like what the world is giving you — look at what you’re putting out there and giving  out to the world.

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do. Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. Here’s to serendipitous moments, good conversation, colourful love, nakedness, creative souls and most of all - to the lovers and romantics amongst us.


Sim - thank you.


**Do yourself the utmost favour and come support the local creatives Sim (@original.sim1) and Sin (@sineadcurry) of ASTROPHE Magazine (@astrophemagazine) at the ASTROPHE ISSUE 2 ‘TRUE LOVE’ LAUNCH PARTY on Valentines Day 14th February at FREDA’S in Chippendale xxx

 As an unfiltered, no bullshit, absolutely original creative - she wanted to retain the essence in untouched beauty. This magazine is as real and raw as you can find - it brings the realities of being an original creative to the forefront.

Marisa Mu