Artist Residency At Ganyula Studio

Manuela Perez has been a nomadic photographer, graphic designer and creative director for almost a decade. Her work has seen her tour throughout America and Canada doing photography gigs for international skaters and skate brands, to rebranding artisanal coffee houses in Rome and Florence.

Perez has travelled all around the globe with her creative practice but has in recent years, found a new home and base in the city of Renaissance, Florence. With the Tuscan sun, Michaelangelo’s David and Chianti wine as part of a typical Florentine lifestyle, there is no shortage of inspiration in the magical city in which Perez resides.

The Ganyula studio was launched early this year to embody Perez’s creative evolution over the past years. Manuela and I met 2 years ago whilst attending the world’s largest tradeshow for Men, Pitti Uomo in Florence. Returning every year to Florence was a must on my yearly plans and having the opportunity to do an artist residency at the newly established Ganyula Studio was an experience that was overflowing with inspiration and creativity.

Over the weeks in the Ganyula studio, the collaborative work that ensued between Manuela and I was incredibly insightful and rewarding. An open space full of natural light and colourful art donned the walls. Perez has undertaken painting and illustrating original artworks reflective of optical illusions and geometry. Each artwork is a visual manifestation of linework and shapes and colours and our studio days were filled with paint, comfortable silence and art appreciation.

I can wholeheartedly say that I produced some of the best artworks of my young career in this studio and am indebted to the incredibly supportive and empowering woman that is Manuela Perez.

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Marisa Mu