- Solo Booth at The Other Art Fair, Australian Technology Park

- Solo Exhibition ‘Kaleidoscope Dancers’, Wedge Gallery Sydney Town Hall


- Life in Style Tradeshow, Hordern Pavillion

- King of the Jungle X Marisa Mu brand launch

- Farr Side Gallery Launch Exhibition

- Curated and showed in ‘Epitome of Her-o’ , Goodspace Gallery

- Featured Artist in Independent Publication Astrophe Magazine

- Exhibit ‘Colours Are All I Feel’ for B.T.W, The Commune

- Finalist in ‘Little Things’ Art Competition, Saint Cloche Gallery

- Exhibit in Uncast 1 st Series ‘Orbital Hybridisation’, Usfin Atelier

- Artist Residency at Ganyula Studio, Florence Italy


- The Statement Makers Campaign

- ‘Rhythm in Colour’ Exhibition, Goodspace Gallery

- Lecturer for BA Design, COFA

- Editorial on Marisa Mu brand on Fashion UK Magazine



Marisa Mu is a Sydney based artist, designer and maker of colourful leather goods. Art has always been the foundation of Marisa’s life and when asked about being a creative soul, she says ‘I wouldn’t want to be any other way, a lot of people may say that they have dedicated their lives to art but for me, art has given me my way of life.’

Celebrating the power of colour is a running theme throughout both creative practices of the Marisa Mu studio. The style of Marisa Mu is eclectic, colourful and statement-making.

Painting has become a form of therapy through art for Marisa and her original artworks align heavily with who she is as a person and as a creative. The purpose of her art is to spark joy through the celebration of our diversity and self-love. Further, inspiring positivity through love and colour is an integral part of Mu’s personal and professional endeavour; ultimately becoming the driving force behind the work conducted in her little studio.